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Jungle Park Playground, Whiteman Edge, Perth WA

Whiteman Edge, Australia
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Play Priorities

Australia and New Zealand boast some of the world’s best climates, so it’s no surprise that Stockland’s new residential estate Whiteman Edge in the Perth suburb of Brabham was created with outdoor living in mind. This beautiful new masterplanned development is all about connecting community through green spaces, with free fitness classes, dog training and outdoor movies just some of the benefits of living here. One of the most exciting drawcards of this neighbourhood is Whiteman Park and the incredible destination jungle playground that we were very happy to have a hand in creating.

Fun Solution

Whiteman Edge is all about connecting community, so the Jungle Park was designed with this as the top priority. Meandering walkways, multiple entry points and a range of activities, play areas and facilities such as bbqs and seatings means there’s truly a variety of ways for people to discover and connect within the park.

Respecting the natural environment and blending with existing land contours and established trees was equally important. A body of water sits beautifully among established trees. Huge Huck ropes mimic jungle vines while a 7m tall climbing tower with a bird’s nest top adds to the natural theme. Connected to the tower is an enclosed sectional tube slide that was created to the architect’s specification. A local engineering company constructed the tower and we worked closely with the architect at every step to ensure the tower and slide would fit perfectly in the area.

While the tower and slide are an impressive focal point there are many other engaging elements in the park. Giant dinosaur footsteps set amongst a stone lined creek-like area will spark imaginations for children of any age! The jungle theme is continued throughout the playground with climbing nets, net seesaw, Viking rope end swinger and a dancing snake swing that can fit many children at once.

To ensure an all-inclusive experience traditional swings were swapped for basket swings and a one point pendulum swing. While the high rise climbing challenges call out to older children (and adults!) toddlers and little ones are catered for with a dedicated space that incorporates a slide, Stilts cubby, sand play, wobbly wood frog rocker and balancing bridge.

Adults can enjoy a well appointed area with BBQs, seating, lighting and bins.

We took a strategic approach to timing – working to deliver in stages and ordering equipment well ahead of time to speed up delivery.

The result is an award-winning playground that is a star attraction within an attractive new community.