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Immanuel Preschool

Auckland, New Zealand
Preschools & Childcare

Play Priorities

Immanuel Preschool believes in offering a nurturing, safe, aesthetically pleasing and stimulating environment. The space for the play equipment was full of colour and life and invited the installation of play pieces to match. The facilities needed to provide age appropriate activities which fostered learning and skills development. In tune with the preschool’s belief that “the environment is the third teacher for the child”, we sought to deliver a quality play solution that complemented classroom learning resources.

Fun Solution

Given Immanuel Preschool aims to provide an enriching environment where play is one of the important features, the choice of equipment was easy. The Funtime 109’s compact structure is bursting with colour, texture and activity options. It provided opportunities for children to play as a group with an embedded game wall to ignite young imaginations. Plus children can independently explore through the tunnel and challenge themselves on the climbing frame and slide, helping to develop confidence and perseverance.