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Golden Bay’s Treehouse Cove

DEVELOPER: Peet Limited
TOWER DESIGN: Van Ryt Industries
CONTRACTOR: Phase 3 Landscape Construction
Perth, Australia
Landscape Architects

Landmark towers above the rest

Golden Bay prides itself on providing unique and diverse play spaces for the community, and the latest is no exception. Dominated by an impressive three-storey tower, Treehouse Cove has endless options for active, imaginative and social play.


In the latest park designed by EPCAD for Peet Limited’s Golden Bay, Playground Centre was proud to provide two customised Tube & Chute Slides for the bespoke Treehouse created by Van Ryt Industries. Several more pieces from Playground Centre’s inclusive and diverse range of equipment were specially selected for the beach-themed park crafted by Phase 3 Landscape Construction.

Sun, sand and sensations!

What better addition to Treehouse Cove’s impressive three-story tower of adventure than two thrilling Tube & Chute Slides? Designed with total adrenalin in mind, each customised rotational-moulded slide guarantees a magical ride to the sand below, whatever the rider’s age.

Is it a swing or a spinner? The Dancing Snake Swing is both! The over-sized plaited ropes swing, bounce and rotate around a maypole, enticing the whole family to challenge themselves.

The wide, 4m long Net Seesaw - Metal offers excellent inclusive play for all, gently rocking as riders move from one end to the other. Similarly, there’s room for everyone on the Inclusive Carousel which is ideal for wheelchairs with seating for carers, parents with prams or just heaps of kids.

Lively tunes will ring out as everyone takes their turn on the popular Rainbow Sambas Musical Instrument, an eye-catching set of five outdoor drums, and the distinctive Duo Musical Instrument. Accessible from both sides, the curvaceous wave design of the xylophone makes it easier for people with a limited range of movement or players in wheelchairs to reach all notes, which span two octaves.

All equipment was customised in sea and sand tones to enhance the overall beach theme, and blend with the coastal landscape.

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