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Everbloom Crescent Park

Client: HB Land
Landscape Architects: Beveridge Williams Development and Environment Consultants
Melbourne, Australia
Councils & Developers | Landscape Architects

“Everbloom Crescent Park has sparked joy and creativity into the local neighbourhood. Endless opportunities for adventurous and imaginative play abound making this a destination playground for the community and beyond.”

Josh Munro, HB Land Development Director – Victoria

Adventure blooms in this wonderland for all ages

Everbloom Crescent Park sits within the outstanding 60ha site of Unity Park, a community-focused neighbourhood located west of Melbourne. Offering the entire community an exciting space for play, Everbloom Crescent Park is a technicolour wonderland featuring a joyful mix of inclusive and sensory play experiences.

The vibrant play and adventure-filled space which complements the surrounding parkland and bikeways is a mere hop, skip and jump away for local families to enjoy hours of active, imaginative and inventive play.


In collaboration with the residential community’s developers, HB Land, and Beveridge Williams Development Consultants we crafted a striking contemporary play space in Everbloom Crescent Park. It was such a pleasure bringing this destination playground to the community with Beveridge Williams who live up to their enterprise goal of using “the power of collaboration to build communities”.

As the playground development progressed, we maintained a laser-like focus on ensuring the HB Land goals for the parkland and its playground were achieved – optimising value and budget to create a premier customised community recreational space. This much-anticipated destination playground is now embraced and enjoyed by people of all ages and abilities as a truly memory-making play experience.


A creative mix of purpose built and customised equipment from the Playground Centre range feature in this technicolour play space. Committed to inclusive playground design, the space incorporates interactive, sensory equipment such as the Tubular Bells Musical Instruments with their deeply resonant chimes that can be felt and heard, and the Inclusive Carousel that amuses and delights, offering the physical and mental benefits of spinning for children and adults alike.

An expansive and artfully designed play structure forms the focal point of the play space. It features not one but two climbing towers linked by a wooden slat bridge, with bright orange slides  whooshing climbers back to the ground. The custom main tower with its geometric and vibrant combination of colours offers an exhilarating slide from on high, while the Wobbly Wood Tower with its commando net and wobbly wood ladder inspires adventurous playmakers to zip back to earth down via a slippery pole or slippery slide.

The cohesive layout entices engagement across, through and around the play space’s activity zones, with equipment positioned to enable adventurers to bound from one piece to the next. This includes the custom Wobbly Wood Activity Trail, which is designed to captivate and challenge all ages, testing balance, agility and coordination.

Surrounded by paths for big and little bikes alike, Everbloom Crescent Park is a community play and recreation space capable of delivering hours of fun. And, after a full-on day of active, healthy play and socialising, sleep will come easily for all!

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Play Pieces

Bespoke Solutions

  • Custom Main Tower with Slide
  • Custom Wobbly Wood Tower with Slide
  • Custom Wobbly Wood Trail