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Berwick Springs

Narre Warran South, Victoria, Australia
Councils & Developers

Play Priorities

Fun and fitness were the name of the game when the City of Casey signed us up to build a new playground for the Berwick Springs community.

The council was determined to capture their community’s love of the outdoors and help them pursue a healthy, active lifestyle with the inclusion of state-of-the art recreation facilities in their local park.

Fun Solution

Berwick Springs residents of all ages – from children to teenagers to adults – can head to the park and get a full-body workout. The park includes various exercise stations, each designed to exercise different muscle groups, and enable residents of all fitness levels to test their strength, agility and cardio fitness.

There’s everything from a Commando Challenge to parallel bars, hurdles, ladders and climbers right through to a Double Scaling Wall, Cliff Hanger, Gladiator Rings and Leapfrog Unit. It’s all arranged in a Ninja Warrior-inspired circuit that’s perfectly suited for a self-paced workout or one-on-one or group PT sessions.

Constructed from galvanised steel and timber, the structures are built to last and were made locally to reduce lead times.