Sand play is for all sorts

Sand play is for all sorts

Sand play is not only loved by children, it’s good for them too. Better still, it offers quality parent-child time, is relaxing, and can be used as an artistic outlet for adults.

Sand play is for all ages and abilities as it promotes:

Physical development - large muscle skills develop as children dig, pour, sift, scoop, and clean up spills with brush and dustpan.

Social skills - children work together are faced with real problems that require sharing, compromising, and negotiating. Sand competitions and challenges can also be used to promote team work and negotiation skills amongst teenagers and adults.

Cognitive development - by preparing an interesting, challenging sand play environment. This environment can be achieved by continually changing and adding interesting accessoriesr.

Mathematical concepts - with the use of measuring spoons and cups, containers in a variety of sizes and shapes, and balance scales.

Science concepts - by suspending a funnel or pendulum, providing magnets and buried treasure. Use ropes and pulleys to move buckets of sand. Punch holes in a plastic bottle, fill it with sand, and observe. Then try different sizes and placement of holes. Add water, filters, or gravel to the sand.

The arts – by making castings, mouldings, and prints.