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Eco-Rain Wheel

The Eco-Rain Wheel!  Complete with 100% recycled plastic post.  Decorative HDPE wheel side panels, & Stainless Steel mesh & ball bearings.  600mm diameter Wheel.

Supplied with a beater.

  • Stainless Steel mesh & ball bearings
  • 100% recycled plastic post with heavy textured finish - 120mm diameter
  • High-density polyethylene (HDPE) post cap & decorative side panels
  • Stainless Steel main bearings for easy reliable spin

Safety, Quality and Usability:

  • Conditional 10-year warranty (further details available)
  • Measurements: 460mm wide x 1035mm high, 600mm diameter wheel
  • To be concreted in-ground (pole length 1485mm, 450mm in-ground)

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