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Babel Drum Musical Instrument

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Our Babel Drum has been carefully tuned to replicate the sweet sound of steel pans!  The Babel Drum is very easy to play.  Played with the hands, preferably by striking with the fingertips, the notes produce perfect musical tones typically associated with a tropical setting.

We recommend playing using the pads of your fingers, however you can also play with fingertips or the side of the thumb or a mix of all 3.  A quick tap onto the smooth surface of the drum & pulling away quickly like you've touched something hot produces a beautiful melodic tone - do not leave the finger on the drum.

The strike should be fast & soft at the same time & the hand should be open & loose.  Where you strike of course makes a lot of difference too, with the larger tongues producing lower notes & smaller ones the higher notes.  A wide range of tones can be created through experimenting & developing different playing techniques.

Fabricated from stainless steel & on a stainless steel post.

Two drums available:

  • Small drum - C Major (6-notes)
  • Large drum - G Major (8-notes)

Safety, Quality and Usability:

  • Conditional 10-year warranty (further details available)
  • Measurements: Small drum: 395mm x 815mm high, Large drum: 505mm x 1080mm high
  • Standard in-ground fixing, optional fixing available for surface mounting.

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