Skate/Bike Parks

Jump, twist and spin those wheels

Bike and skate facilities offer fun, fitness, and they’re a great place for teens to chill out, and practice their skills. The Playground Centre has a range of high-quality skateboard and bike park equipment that’ll challenge the next generation of daredevils.

Our selection of skateboard ramps, skate rails, and half pipes are perfect for teenagers with a passion for skate culture. We’ve got street blocks for skateboarders of every skill level, and more challenging features for advanced teens looking to take their skills to the next level. If you’re building the ultimate teen hangout, The Playground Centre has complete bike and skate park packages. Bike packages include a range of fun equipment for all skill levels.

As kids grow into young adults, we need innovative ways to keep them happy, healthy, social, and motivated. For teens who love sports and the outdoors, bike and skate parks are the perfect place to hang out, socialise with friends, keep fit, and develop skills. It’s important to find new exciting ways for teenagers to keep fit as they get older, so we can set them up for a lifetime of health!

Transform any skateboard area into a park with new and exciting features. Grab a skateboard or jump on a bike and let those wheels roll!

Street Blocks

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Launch Ramps

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Grind Rails

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Half Pipes

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Trix Ramps

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Complete Skate Park Packages

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