Toddlers & Preschool

Open up the world of imagination and play

Let your toddler run wild in a fun, energetic, and safe environment! The Playground Centre has a huge selection of play equipment for toddlers, along with additional play pieces to add to your existing combo.

Built locally with the highest quality materials, our kids outdoor play equipment is designed to last whilst offering ongoing safety and fun. Create an enjoyable learning experience for your children, and encourage them to grow and develop into happy and healthy young adults.

Life’s journey begins at a very young age, and we believe it’s important to set your children up for success from the get-go. Not only does our children’s outdoor play equipment encourage the development of physical and social skills, but it also paints a permanent smile on little faces.

Add climbing walls, balance planks, commando nets, slides, and more to your existing preschool playground and create a fresh, new adventure! At the Playground Centre, safety is paramount. Our play equipment is designed to challenge children, whilst ensuring the highest level of safety. Our quality products are durable, and are built to last in an outdoor environment.

Take a look at our range of products, and start building a place for young explorers to unleash their imaginations!

Fixed Equipment

Playground equipment in Fixed Equipment

A setting to take pride of place in any playground.

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Moveable Equipment

Playground equipment in Moveable Equipment

Providing the flexibility that pre-schools and child care facilities need Playground Centre's movable equipment allows you to create new and exciting challenges every day as well as focus on the basics through variety and an assortment of fun.

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