Extreme Sport

Invite thrills and heart pumping action into the playground by incorporating equipment for those looking for extra physical challenge.

Teenagers love the exhilaration of activities like parkour – jumping, climbing and vaulting over obstacles, and bouldering – climbing without any equipment.

These daring moves are excellent for developing physical strength, stamina, spatial awareness, agility and balance, and offer a fun way to enhance teens’ problem solving skills. Even better, they entice older children and young adults to get out and about, and interact socially.

And the playground is the perfect place for a varied and challenging workout. Using a mixture of playground equipment and your own body strength, anyone can develop their own crossfit style workout or perform simple calisthenics. The only limit is your imagination!

Add an extreme element to your playspace. Contact us today to find out how!


Bouldering playground equipment in Extreme Sport


Designed in consultation with professional climbers – bouldering offers a genuine climbing experience in parks.

Crossfit playground equipment in Extreme Sport


Build strengh and endurance with CrossFit. Improve stamina, strength, mobility, agility, balance and speed.

Parkour playground equipment in Extreme Sport


Bodies are put to the test and pushed to the limits with Parkour.