Is Playtime more important than homework?

Is Playtime more important than homework?

If there’s a single attribute we’d like to see on every child’s face, it’s happiness. The sound of their laughter and the smiles on their little faces brings warmth to every heart. Fun is for life and playtime has the capability to teach children life lessons and encourage their personal growth and development. Children’s play equipment as well as the playtime environment, are important tools in creating an atmosphere where children can thrive.

While playtime is important, does it surpass the importance of homework? This question is being asked more and more frequently, and some schools in the United States are testing its validity. While homework is essential for a child’s educational development, many believe children should not be deprived of playtime to complete school tasks. In the words of psychiatrist Kay Redfield, “Play is not a luxury. Play is a necessity”.  At the Playground Centre, we believe children should be fully equipped and given ample opportunity to play, everyday.

The facts

Debates in the United States stand as to whether homework should be abolished, or simply cut back to allow children more time to relax. Philadelphian psychologist Katherine Dahlsgaard claims, “Homework is bad for families and bad for mental health”. However, Duke University psychology professor Harris Cooper is an advocate for balance stating, “Time on homework reaches a point of diminishing returns; too little does no good, too much does more harm than good”. While school and getting a good education is essential, happy and relaxed children absorb more information and are more active in the classroom. It’s no shock that schools are assigning less homework to increase family time and give children the chance to play after the final school bell rings.

Strategies for encouragement

While academic success is important, children should be encouraged to relax and play to ensure they develop habits that reflect a healthy, balanced lifestyle. According to Andrea Nair, parents can assist in doing so. Encouraging actions include:

  • Do activities casually rather than as a scheduled event
  • Try to stay away from screens until around the age of four
  • Take children to different natural environments without directing the play
  • Let your child choose what they’d like to play with
  • Take a step back and give children space at playgrounds

When applied to everyday life, these simple steps will allow children to have fun and play naturally, without it feeling like a forced activity. Reliable kids playground equipment positively assists with these strategies.

How we can help

At the Playground Centre, we’re here to give a helping hand. We care about your children having fun and living their childhood to the fullest. We have a great range of quality, durable products that are perfect for creating an exciting space for your children to play. Browse our kids play equipment online including- outdoor swing sets, climbing nets and structures, slides and kids outdoor playsets. Contact our friendly team to find out more and become an outdoor play advocate!