When playgrounds become minefields: Your guide to planning your playground

When playgrounds become minefields: Your guide to planning your playground

Today, planning playgrounds can be a minefield.

What used to be as simple as installing a humble swing has transformed into a demand for risk-free, sophisticated, age-appropriate equipment that develops the young – as well as the young at heart.

At the same time, the quest for safety sometimes goes too far, resulting in spaces that lack the challenges needed to boost self-confidence and problem-solving skills.

What isn’t disputed is that play is essential to developing a healthy mind and body: from combatting obesity to enhancing social skills, coordination, flexibility and self-esteem.

So, what’s the solution?

Australasia’s premier playground manufacturers, Playground Centre says it’s all about a clever balance.

“Fun has to be at the heart of everything ¬– if it doesn’t bring joy, they won’t use it. So that’s where we always start. Then we get ingenious about injecting proven developmental benefits and embracing different ages, stages and abilities,” a spokesperson said.

“We’re fastidious about safety and quality, while motivating kids to push themselves. We’re passionate about finding safe ways to take risks that excite the senses and promote a sense of mastery.”

In direct response to modern challenges, Playground Centre has reinvented its latest product catalogue.

Called Playbook, it’s a combination of guidebook, inspiration board and practical information resource. Far from a list of products, it includes ages and stages for each product along with specific developmental benefits and latest research. It also highlights examples of some of the best playgrounds in action, from super slides to destination playgrounds.

“It’s 200+ pages designed specifically for our wide range of clients – whether it’s a school trying to raise funds, a council briefing stakeholders or an architect looking for amazing ideas.”

Importantly, it shows how to create a recreational space for everyone: kids, teens and adults.

“We offer everything from swings, accessible play equipment and themed playgrounds to fitness systems and outdoor electronic gaming.”

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