Playground safety at international schools: how to balance peace of mind with big adventures

Playground safety at international schools: how to balance peace of mind with big adventures

Student safety is a priority for all schools – and international schools have a unique set of challenges. But when it comes to playgrounds, childhood thrills and world-class safety can go hand-in-hand.

Recent decades have seen a decline in risky play, with growing adult anxiety and fear of litigation. However, an element of risk is crucial to play: helping develop a child’s self-confidence, resilience, executive functioning abilities and risk-management skills.

In fact, research shows that risky play can actually reduce the risk of injury. A school playground that provides choices (like how high to climb and how to move your body) helps children to recognise what risk is, and know how to manage it.

So, what’s the secret to the best school playgrounds?

Risky play has been defined as “thrilling and exciting play where children engage in risk without certainty”.

At Playground Centre, we think in terms of challenges and fun experiments done in a safe space. We specialise in helping schools including international schools strike the right balance: creating exciting playgrounds that help kids manage acceptable risks and develop life skills, while ensuring teacher and parent peace of mind.

We can inject off-beat shapes and irregular lines (like wobbly wood), different challenges (like obstacle courses) and great opportunities for self-mastery (like different levels of climbing ropes and nets), combining excitement with big pay-offs in confidence and decision-making. Even textures via sand and water play are a sure-fire way to spark imaginations for younger children.

It’s absolutely possible to achieve the highest levels of compliance and safety, with the creativity and diversity that modern school playgrounds need if they’re going to thrive.

What to look for

As well as international quality standard ISO9001:2008, Playground Centre meets or exceed all relevant Australian, New Zealand and European standards for safety and structural compliance. Our team also includes key personnel with Grade 3 Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (ROSPA) accreditation.

Our premium materials are carefully selected for durability and low maintenance, providing value for money and hassle-free performance, year after year – all backed an exceptional range of warranties. From playground surfaces for schools to playground structures for schools, we can help you choose the best and safest, every time!

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Our Best Practice Guide The Great * is an indispensable and practical tool for designing, evaluating and improving international school playgrounds – including safety checklists. You can download/request yours today.

With 100 years’ combined experience in creating innovative, safe, and robust playgrounds, we can help you navigate relevant standards, meet regulations and create an amazing playspace with confidence. Contact us today.