Paperbark Playground

Paperbark Playground

An inviting (and exciting) play space for children of all ages and abilities was the ultimate goal when we worked with Parramatta Park & Western Sydney Parklands Trust to create a new playground in the World-Heritage Listed park in Sydney, NSW.

In a park packed with history, Paperbark Playground caters for a new generation of children. The playground features the latest in inclusive playground design and equipment and was constructed as part of the NSW Government’s Everyone Can Play program which is funding the development of inclusive play spaces across the State.

The Everyone Can Play program encourages councils, landscape architects and communities to be guided by three principles when creating inclusive play spaces  – Can I Get There, Can I Play and Can I Stay.

So, we were thrilled to be able to showcase some of our most innovative inclusive play equipment in Paperbark Playground.

Located within the 85-hectare Parramatta Park, just a stone’s throw from the Parramatta CBD, Paperbark Playground is a wonderland for children of all ages, stages and abilities. It’s filled with fun, interactive equipment that has been specifically selected for its capacity to ignite young imaginations and engage all of their senses. Children can happily spend hours playing with the wide array of sand and water play features incorporated into the playground, including a sand silo, front and side loading sand lift, water and sand mill and sand channel. Or create a symphony of sounds using the babel drum and chimes to compete with the park’s abundant birdlife.

Swings that encourage collaborative and inter-generational play are also a feature. Our patent-pending, industry first Expression Swing Seat which allows an adult and small child to swing together has been a welcome addition for parents; and our Flying Saucer Basket that can accommodate a number of children at once has also been a popular inclusion.

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