Outdoor fitness equipment – what are the benefits?

Outdoor fitness equipment – what are the benefits?

Outdoor gyms are playing an important role in getting Australians to increase their exercise and combat today’s sedentary lifestyle. With record levels of obesity present amongst children especially, the introduction of outdoor fitness equipment presents a fun way to get families active.

As a parent, getting involved with exercise not only teaches your children good habits but also improves your own fitness. These days, most of us are aware of the positive effects physical activity has on our body – like improving our strength, balance, and flexibility. Outdoor workout equipment can provide several wider benefits to these, including: social integration., accessibility, and improved cognitive skills.

As outdoor fitness parks quickly become natural, intergenerational meeting points for people, they can be a great social benefit to the community. This is in part because they are so accessible, with stations often available at all hours and allowing users access to a free workout whenever its convenient. Scientific research shows exercise increases cognition, especially at a young age. So, for children and teens using this equipment every day, their ability to concentrate and learn can increase significantly.

Home gym and home playground – what’s the difference?

Although the distinction between a gym and a playground may seem obvious, there can be overlapping similarities between the types of equipment used in each. When building an outdoor gym or playground for your home, you can use a range of outdoor exercise equipment suitable for both adults and children. Alternatively, there are specialised play gyms for kids, which focus on the requirements and developmental capabilities of children. There are also, of course, plenty of choices for harder, more complex outdoor gym equipment specifically suited to adults and teenagers. Ultimately, combining aspects of the two enables you to integrate the whole family’s fitness into one!


What kinds of equipment are recommended?

Playground Centre offers a range of innovative outdoor gym equipment designed to provide recreational solutions for all ages, abilities, genders, disabilities, and minorities. Our products encourage fun and well-being for the whole family! Here are our most recommended, popular pieces of equipment:

    1. Ex-Bench Fitness & Gym Station: The specialist-designed, multi-purpose Ex-Bench adds a whole new dimension of strengthening exercise. Providing a full-body workout on one station, the unit comes with a sign that offers age specific and position appropriate instructions making it simple for any user to navigate.
    2. 811-812 Horse Rider and Skier Gym Station: Designed to target your abdomen and glutes, these units each include two workout stations for specific muscle toning. With accompanying instructions for technique, you’ll find this equipment is easy to use and safe for a wide range of age groups.
    3. 807-808 Recumbent Cycle and Pulldown Exerciser Gym Station: With two workout stations included in each unit, this equipment is aimed at your hamstrings, glutes, and quads. Great for endurance and toning, it comes standard with instructions that make it highly user friendly.
    4. 801-802 Air Walker and Dip & Crunch Gym Station: This piece of equipment includes one workout station that focuses on your legs, and another that works your abdominal muscles and shoulders. A moderate exercise for all ages, this unit has additional instructions that make it a straightforward workout for anyone to follow.
    5. 803-804 Sit Up Bench and Leg Press Gym Station: Including two workout stations to assist in some of the most popular exercises – the sit up and leg press – this unit provides a basic physical workout effective for all types.

In need of some design help?

Looking to build your own outdoor space for exercise and fun? Playground Centre can help you create the perfect environment, with all-in-one play gyms like the Xtreme Fitness Cube 551 and separate workout stations like the Ex-Bench, you can browse our range of products online now to find the best equipment to help your family get active!

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