Moveable Playground Equipment


Your building blocks to new and imaginative play every day

Our Mini-Bambino, Bambino and Young Explorer systems offer newfound fun for the littlies and flexibility, ease and affordability for the grown-ups.






Enticing & educational

  • Mixture of bright colours, challenge and fun
  • Available for specific age groups
  • Fundamental tools for early physical, social and psychological development
  • Promotes team work, planning and creativity with children creating their own playground
  • High focus on upper body strength, agility and climbing

Incredible quality

  • Compliant with New Zealand and Australian quality and safety standards
  • Backed by comprehensive warranties

Flexible & affordable

  • Indoor / outdoor use
  • Interchangeable within each range
  • Modular with the ability to add from your base ‘combo’ over time
  • Can be integrated with water, sand and tactile play
  • Cost-effective with minimal installation costs

Safe & hygienic

  • Lightweight but stable and secure
  • Special locking pins
  • Easy to clean

Easy to set up and store away

  • Simple stable connection points
  • Super light and easy to manoeuvre
  • Stackable