1. Can I select colours to suit our facility and playground?

A range of bright or environmental, natural colour palettes are available to create your desired look or suit any space / environment.

2. What size space is required?

Different sized combos can be selected based on the space available. Further, the bigger the space, the more items that can be added in the future. Being moveable, the equipment is also flexible to fit into odd shaped areas. Refer to the Technical Specification sheets for dimensions.

3. Is the equipment covered by a warranty?

Playground Centre is committed to supplying quality, safe play equipment. Find out more about our warranty.

4. What is the expected delivery time of the moveable equipment?

Playground Centre realises the anticipation and excitement of getting new play equipment. Therefore, we aim to deliver the equipment within four to eight weeks from receipt of the deposit.

5. What freight costs are involved?

The cost of freight is included for major centres and metropolitan areas in New Zealand and Australia. Rural areas may incur an additional charge. Please advise your location and we can quote this for you.

6. Can the equipment be left outside?

Like anything, all equipment will last longer if protected from external elements when not in use (ie at night and over the holidays).

On a day-to-day basis, if necessary, the Young Explorer and Bambino equipment can be left outside, however it is recommended that timber items are stored away each day. The Mini-Bambino equipment should be stored indoors at the end of each day.

7. Is the equipment compliant to safety standards?

Yes, the Young Explorer and Bambino equipment is fully compliant to Safety Standards NZS5828:2004 and AS4685:2014.

8. Does the play equipment require safety surfacing?

Under the safety standards, any play equipment with a fall height of 600mm or more requires safety surfacing.