New park fitness equipment and digital campaign encourage healthy lifestyles in Canberra

New park fitness equipment and digital campaign encourage healthy lifestyles in Canberra

To combat the growing obesity rate in the Australian Capital Territory, the ACT government launched the new ‘Find Fitness Outdoors’ website, designed to help Canberra residents take advantage of local outdoor fitness opportunities.

Targeted to people of all ages and fitness levels, the government website provides useful tips and information on local outdoor activities, including online maps, walking trails and outdoor fitness equipment such as park workout stations.

Using this website as a resource, locals can learn the best strategies and techniques for using outdoor gym equipment to improve their wellbeing and fitness.

Part of the ACT Government’s Healthy Weight Initiative, the website aims to foster a healthy, active and productive community in Canberra, with a main goal of achieving ‘zero growth’ for obesity in the capital.

The ACT Government first launched this campaign in April 2013 to combat the problem, with a startling 63 per cent of adults and 25 per cent of children in the ACT considered overweight or obese by official standards.

Outdoor play equipment is one of the best ways parents can encourage their children to get active from a young age, offering fun challenges to cultivate problem-solving skills, as well as build a love for the outdoors and healthy exercise habits.

Healthy habits, adopted while young, can significantly improve an individual’s physical and emotional wellbeing throughout adulthood.

A healthy lifestyle means drinking lots of water, including nutritious foods like fruit and vegetables in your diet, and exercising for at least 30 minutes a day, preferably more to maintain peak health.

Manufacturers of outdoor play equipment in Australia, Playground Centre believe that outdoor fitness equipment, including playground equipment for kids and park gym equipment for adults, play an essential role in keeping Australian communities healthy and active while having fun in our beautiful natural environment.

If you're in Canberra, check out the various workouts and locations offered as part of the Find Fitness Outdoors program!