Musical Playground – Outdoor Instruments

Musical Playground – Outdoor Instruments

Music makes the world go round, and it can have such a great, positive effect on young and developing minds! Combined with the wholesome goodness of the great outdoors, music becomes an even more beneficial part of life. Outdoor musical instruments are innovative, sensory-stimulating, and the perfect addition to playgrounds.

The Playground Centre encourages children to join forces with their peers to share the joy of music, and express themselves both emotionally and physically. The range of contemporary musical playground equipment now available is an exceptional advancement in educational and skill developing playtime.

The Sounds of Success

A musical playground captures the benefits of playing musical instruments, and combines them with a natural, outdoor context. It covers cognitive, physical, and emotional play, whilst encouraging children to unite with their classmates and friends. Children who play musical instruments from a young age are given a great mental advantage. Playing an instrument is said to increase brain power, improve memory, build confidence, and teach patience. While playing in the outdoors, promotes healthy physical development and wellbeing.

Outdoor instruments are a new and fascinating way for children to reap all these benefits, whilst giving them energy and liberation. The best part of all is that there are no limits! Children of all ages are free to improvise, and express themselves to create beautiful sounds.

A Sound to Suit Every Setting

Bells, chimes, marimbas, drums and more! The Playground Centre has musical playground equipment to suit every setting. They’re composed of high-quality, durable materials that are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions. The stylish and contemporary appearance makes the playground instruments an appealing addition to any school, nursery or urban outdoor areas. The colours and textures accentuate the outdoor vibrancy to create a harmonious setting through sound and visuals.

The sound produced by the instruments is strong and resonant, so that the music produced can be heard, as well as felt.

Choose from instruments for various ages, with a range of development benefits. Get started on building a creative outlet for children with quality and durable equipment!

How the Playground Centre Can Assist

Get in touch with the Playground Centre to find the ideal instruments for your playground! Through quality, colour, and sound, we can make every vision a reality. Gather more information about how outdoor instruments can benefit your school or urban area by filling out the online contact page.