Outdoor classrooms are changing the learning landscape –

allowing teachers to explore innovative teaching models and new ways to apply the curriculum.

Our outdoor classrooms make it fast, easy and affordable for you to open the door to a fresh approach to teaching. Our designs feature high-quality, versatile equipment and furniture specifically chosen to maximise engagement and enjoyment while supporting educators.

Each concept can be adapted to suit your space, learning needs and budget. Best of all, teachers report powerful results in behaviour, engagement and skill development.

  • More engaged with learning

  • Improved academic performance

  • Stronger language and problem-solving skills

  • Enhanced teamwork

  • Better social skills

Small outdoor classroom

Our outdoor classroom for smaller, more compact areas is an inviting, versatile space that is perfectly suited for both structured and unstructured learning activities. Specifically designed for children aged 5 – 12 years, the layout is arranged to allow students to learn together as a group or take part in individual or small group activities.

Classroom includes:

  • Electronic interactive play and learning wall
  • Bongo Drums
  • Play Chimes
  • Woodlands benches and table settings

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Medium outdoor classroom

Ideally suited to primary-school students, the expansive paved (and shaded) area is a welcoming space with a combination of innovative teaching tools – including e-classroom technology adapted for the outdoors, musical instruments, and an over-sized chess board to assists kids to develop critical thinking and reasoning.

Classroom includes:

  • Electronic interactive play and learning wall
  • Chess Board and pieces
  • Conga Drums
  • Play Chimes
  • Woodlands benches and table settings

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Large outdoor classroom

Give students the space to spread their wings and reach their full potential! Inspired by the latest research, this outdoor classroom enables educators to explore new teaching strategies, with different zones to support science, art, music and PE. Large seating platforms are great for learning, writing, drawing and painting. Plus zoned areas for active play, sand play, speed challenges, and exploring sounds and rhythm.

Classroom includes:

  • Electronic interactive play
  • Conga Drums
  • Climbing and social net
  • Free Climbing Rocks
  • Interactive sand play
  • Play Chimes
  • Woodlands benches and table settings

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Take learning outside and reap the benefits

Let’s face it, just being outside has amazing benefits for everyone! Fresh air and a touch of sunshine can improve concentration, boost immunity and give a general feeling of wellbeing. Plus the latest research reveals outdoor learning has a swathe of physical, cognitive and psychological benefits for children. In fact, children who are engaged in regular outdoor learning activities are showing improved results across the board!

Developmental benefits

  • Fitness and physical skills including speed, reflexes, and reaction time.
  • Gross and fine motor skills plus hand-eye coordination.
  • Better balance, agility, strength and stamina through climbing.
  • Improved confidence and judgement through taking measured risks.
  • Strengthened core muscles and improved upper body control.
  • Sensory stimulation from electronic games (lights, sounds, and sequences).
  • Sensory development from musical instruments (creating and exploring sounds, building neural pathways) and sand and water play (textures, measurements).
  • Problem solving and decision making (scaling the net or rocks and planning a path).
  • Social or solo benefits: climbing can be a shared adventure or solo challenge + playing with sand encourages side-by-side enjoyment.
  • Imaginative and creative play.
  • Seating and tables for group learning and social interaction.
  • Spaces and places for children who need calm/quiet time.


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