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English Modern School


Play Priorities

The English Modern School in Doha, Qatar understands that contemporary, up-to-date play makes a highly visible statement to parents that their children have access to the best facilities outside, as well as inside the classroom.

The school has multiple shaded play areas. Playground Centre was thrilled to support the school to upgrade the play space in their junior area with equipment that was designed on the latest research into childhood development.

Fun Solution

An international school with children from 20 different nationalities, The English Modern School prides itself on providing an inclusive learning environment which celebrates difference and instils a life-long love of learning through play.

Game-based learning offers children and teachers the chance to take curriculum-based learning outside of the classroom. A suite of panels from our innovative range of Interactive Play Panels was selected to provide children with the opportunity to learn about numbers, words, patterns and movement in a fun and exciting way.