Incorporating Trampolines in Modern Design

Incorporating Trampolines in Modern Design

Many of us have fond memories of jumping on a home or playground trampoline as children. And although they are an absolute joy to bounce on, trampolines can be quite dangerous if not used safely. Fortunately, design and technological advances have made trampolines much safer for everyone to use, so you can bounce to your heart’s content!

Fun is for all ages

Trampolines have come a long way from the old raised up mats with exposed springs around the edges. These days, we have many kinds of in ground trampolines to choose from. Being at ground level, these greatly reduce the risk of falls while bringing the same joy as other trampoline types. People of all ages will love trying out these innovative creations, increasing your park’s appeal overall. All of our trampolines are compliant to Australian and New Zealand safety standards, to give you peace of mind.

A built in trampoline (or several) can be easily incorporated into your park’s modern design, without creating clutter or design problems. By being at ground level, in ground trampolines allow for free movement around and over them with no fuss. Their sleek design allows them to seamlessly blend with the other equipment. Consider putting a ground trampoline at the base of a fireman’s pole, or the bottom of a slide. The possibilities are endless!

Our favourites

The Playground Centre has a huge variety of modulus in ground trampolines, which are designed to fit together in any shape or pattern you can imagine. Like a toy road set, these include circles, corners, square intersections and more. Why pave a footpath between one piece of play equipment and the next when you could have a winding trampoline path?

Our sunken Trampoline XL is a prime example of in ground trampolines’ advantages over traditional models. The mat system allows for safe jumping in all directions, there’s no need for a concrete foundation, and we have many colours for you to choose from. The Trampoline Loop is an especially popular choice, as it feels like a bouncy little obstacle course. We’re especially proud of our ground Trampoline for Wheelchairs that ensure everybody gets to enjoy your park.

These modern trampolines are changing the way we create playgrounds, giving you more options than ever before to create something truly unique that visitors will love and remember fondly in the future.