Inclusive Village

Inclusive Village

'Playing together' does not necessarily mean playing the same, but rather ensuring modern playgrounds are fun, empowering and inclusive for children of all ages, abilities and interests.

With the demand for inclusive playgrounds growing, Playground Centre has drawn on best practice design and research to help councils, landscape architects and schools customise play spaces perfect for their unique communities.

Our latest Inclusive Village concept consists of a carefully planned combination of mix and match zones, each empowering children to play and thrive their own way, interconnected by mini roads, ramps and bridges able to travel on foot or on wheels.

Its design beams with variety, colour and theming to excite and energise children and stimulate their senses.

Body, balance and movement; sensory and tactile play; imaginative play; physical challenges; and intergenerational togetherness are some of the personal benefits targeted by the individual zones.

While the subdued Oasis of Calm offers a quiet place to enjoy imaginative play activities alone or with a friend, the rural-themed space bursts with imaginative play, sliding fun, interactive panels and musical instruments.

Over in the pretender’s village, there’s realism at its best with a doorless accessible sweet shop, fish shop and bakery which allows children to be their favourite or most dreamed about occupation or customer, as does the petrol station with ramp for vehicle recharging.

A symphony of colour and movement characterises a simple slalom trail challenging users to navigate upright post and the surrounding scooter track, including a doctor’s surgery and bank, all complemented by a variety of music and play panels.

The exclusively designed Inclusive Village is another result of Playground Centre’s world-leading research and development in the inclusive and accessible playground design space.

It complements Playground Centre’s All-Inclusive Fun Handbook released in early 2021. This industry-changing planning tool supports playground owners, managers and designers to maximise play value, diversity and inclusion in modern playgrounds.  It does so by outlining different types of equipment suited to different play needs and their benefits based on a research-backed understanding of different conditions. This ensures each playground designed or upgraded is physically, socially and emotionally inviting for all.

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