Hanging around to reach new heights

Hanging around to reach new heights

Playgrounds are no longer about a swing and a slide. They're about firing up a child's imagination and making them feel a sense of adventure. A popular way to do this is a new playground design trend bringing ropes and other equipment to soaring new heights.

It will come as no surprise to parents that kids love to climb. Almost before they can walk, they are looking to explore the world around them and can often be found climbing anything that is within reach. It’s in their nature. So, it makes sense to incorporate this into a play space for children whose natural instinct is to seek, explore and most importantly have fun.

It’s amazing what can be created, and the play and challenges presented to users by combining rope-based play equipment with the extra dimension of height. New 3-dimensional net structures keep kids more engaged and physically challenged than traditional play equipment.  Because rope is flexible it allows kids to connect with the equipment and the rope is responsive to the child’s actions – making it more interactive.

Inspired by patterns, shapes and optical illusions, rope play is not only great fun for kids, but it encourages creativity and improves fine motor and gross motor skills at the same time. Activities like climbing help to strengthen core muscles, improve upper body control and hand strength and assist with coordination too.

Kids also love to push boundaries so climbing in a uniquely designed playground is a great way for them to experiment with their sense of danger and encourage them to take measured risks. Overcoming the challenges of rope obstacles also increases balance and coordination, encourages cognitive problem solving and boosts confidence.

While integrating interactive rope structures into playground towers, will foster active bodies and imaginative minds. On the practical side, rope bridges also provide seamless pathways between towers, so children can experience walking among the tree-tops – up, down, and across!