Grit and determination at play

Grit and determination at play

Step aside swings and slides. There’s a new trend in playgrounds that is hitting the scene. And it’s coming to you courtesy of tapping into popular culture and taking inspiration from Ninja Warrior. Traditional playgrounds in schools and council areas are transitioning to obstacle style playgrounds that combine both social fun and physical fitness. With parents today valuing fitness play, it’s no wonder this trend is taking off.

Climbing, jumping and hanging are all commonplace in new playgrounds where local councils and developers are open to innovation and creativity. The play equipment is designed to challenge balance, upper body strength, coordination and determination. The spaces get kids excited about fitness, as they often don’t realise they are working out and learning new skills. They just think it is fun like their Ninja heroes.

One of the best measures of success for a new playground is how long people stay engaged with the space. With a Ninja Warrior inspired obstacle playground, children are constantly trying out new ways of doing things and stay interested in active play for much longer. Best of all these playgrounds have cross-generational appeal (even keeping teenagers happy). They are a great way to get active and have fun together as a family.

The playgrounds help to build muscle strength and development which is vital in growing kids. But more importantly, the play solutions build grit which is a quality trait for greater resilience.

These types of playgrounds are also linked to adventure play which offers children the chance to manage risks and challenge themselves. It’s all about enabling people to get outside, stay active and play.