Fitness comes of age: the lifelong benefits of movement

Fitness comes of age: the lifelong benefits of movement

For seniors, movement and exercise plays a vital role in enhancing health outcomes, wellbeing and quality of life.

Improved muscle mass, bone density, strength and balance can significantly reduce the risk of falls­ – all while prolonging lifespan and boosting cognitive function and mental health.

Better coordination and fine motor skills can also support independence, with drastic improvements in everything from using a mobile phone to opening a jar or doing up a shirt.

Today, the spotlight on senior health is even more intense, with a pandemic presenting one of the greatest challenges to aged care and retirement living.

More than ever, seniors (and their carers) need convenient opportunities to incorporate exercise into their daily routine whether they are in residential aged care or living independently in a retirement village or in the community.

Expert-backed exercise solutions

The latest advances in fitness equipment respond to the growing demand for facilities tailored to the health and lifestyle needs of our ageing population.

A variety of fitness stations are now on the market which have been designed especially for seniors in collaboration with exercise and human movement specialists.

Human-centred design at its best, these fitness stations enable seniors to enjoy the lifelong benefits of movement by offering specific (appropriately modified) exercises that target different parts of the body and encourage gentle strengthening without straining or overworking the muscles.

Safe, accessible and compact, these new fitness stations are a smart choice for:

  • Aged care facilities: where they can form part of exercise programs run by carers, physiotherapists and occupational therapists;
  • Retirement villages: to complement a healthy, active lifestyle focus;
  • Public parks: to expand community fitness options to include older residents.

At Playground Centre, we are passionate about delivering real physical and mental benefits to people of all ages. We’re proud to be joining the Senior Fitness revolution and helping to promote a positive, healthy approach to ageing.

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