Days of the NEW School Playground

Days of the NEW School Playground

What is Electronic Interactive Play?

Technology has taken the world by storm, and there’s no reason that traditional outdoor play should be left behind! Electronic interactive play is revolutionising school playgrounds, and is introducing children to a new age of exciting, multi-sensory games. Active play and technology are combined in the reinvented school playground equipment, and children are involved in interactive games that challenge them both physically and cognitively. Electronic interactive play combines features of outdoor sports and video games, which allows kids to have the best of both worlds. The Playground Centre is a step ahead, and now offers this high-energy, technologically driven way to play!

More than just a game!

Electronic interactive play enhances all the positive aspects of outdoor play including physical, mental, and social skills.

This innovative playground equipment for schools is designed to develop physical skills like coordination, speed, reflexes, and reaction time. The games require high-energy participation, so children are exercising whilst still gaining the mental stimulation associated with video games.

The lights, sounds, and sequences are sensory stimulating, which encourages a high-energy atmosphere that allows brain power to flow! Learning games can be installed into school outdoor play equipment, which can also be a great way to motivate kids to study.

Many of the interactive games require children to form teams and work together to solve problems. This promotes team work, individual learning, and creates healthy competition amongst peers.

There’s something to benefit everyone in electronic interactive play! Children can build on their strengths, and work towards improving skills in other areas, all the while having fun!

The PlayAlive eWall

The Playground Centre offers the interactive PlayAlive eWall, which provides the perfect balance of education and physical activity. The interactive game works by displaying a question on an iPad screen. The player is then presented with 5 possible answers on the eWall, where they must run to touch the correct answer. Teachers have the option to make their own exercises, and the game can be tailored to suit certain subjects and year levels. The eWall is a great way to get children excited about learning and promotes active play in schools! See an example we installed at Torrens Primary School and watch the video of the eWall in action!

Take the next step with us!

Equip your school playground with the PlayAlive eWall, or other electronic interactive games including the PlayAlive Speed or Infinity! Talk to the team by using our online contact form, or download the brochure to find out more! Start reinventing your playground with the Playground Centre.