Young Explorers

Personalise and expand your play area with mini movable playgrounds that allow more children to play and explore at one time.

The Young Explorer Adventure Playground is the perfect starter to your combo, and includes a mini module with a ladder, rock climbing wall, plank, learning panel and slide. Explore the selection of add-on playground equipment and create the dream combo!

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Young Explorers Combos

Young Explorers Combos

Mini moveable playgrounds with larger platforms that allow more children to explore and play at the one time.

See the Benefits!

The Adventure Playground Combos are designed to challenge kids, and promote the development of physical, social and cognitive skills.

Incorporate the Jungle Combo or The Challenge to increase balance, coordination and strength. Or, add the Activity Stage or Grande range and create a large, adventurous area that encourages group interaction and exploration.

The exceptional range of features are included to challenge children of all ages as they grow and learn about the world. The combo features include stages, climbers, nets, hanging rings, balancing planks and more!

Choose any Young Explorer combination, or use them individually to create an outdoor playground where children can learn, socialise, and most importantly have fun.

Find the Perfect Combo for your Space

Our Adventure Playgrounds are ideal for schools, day cares and parks. They’re built with high-quality, durable materials and exceed all relevant safety standards.

Explore our full range of playground equipment and let the adventures unfold! Start designing your playground package today.

Get Under 5's Moving

Your building blocks to new and imaginative play every day

Our Mini-Bambino, Bambino and Young Explorer systems offer newfound fun for the littlies and flexibility, ease and affordability for the grown-ups.






Enticing & educational

  • Mixture of bright colours, challenge and fun
  • Available for specific age groups
  • Fundamental tools for early physical, social and psychological development
  • Promotes team work, planning and creativity with children creating their own playground
  • High focus on upper body strength, agility and climbing

Incredible quality

  • Compliant with New Zealand and Australian quality and safety standards
  • Backed by comprehensive warranties

Flexible & affordable

  • Indoor / outdoor use
  • Interchangeable within each range
  • Modular with the ability to add from your base 'combo' over time
  • Can be integrated with water, sand and tactile play
  • Cost-effective with minimal installation costs

Safe & hygienic

  • Lightweight but stable and secure
  • Special locking pins
  • Easy to clean

Easy to set up and store away

    • Simple stable connection points
    • Super light and easy to manoeuvre
Funding & Submission Tips

Simple steps to help you secure funding for playground equipment

As educators and carers, you know that contemporary, up-to-date play equipment adds value to your Centre and your community. However new play equipment can often fall at the bottom of the funding priority list. Overcome that challenge by making the most of community funding and sponsorship opportunities in your area.

Here's how.

Where can I find funding opportunities?

      • Your local council may offer a specific program. Check their website or give them a call.
      • Get Googling – for major community grant programs offered by gambling funds and major companies.
      • Ask around. The parents of your Centre may be involved in an organisation that can help.

Once you've found the right funding program for you, it's time to get started on preparing a knock-their-socks-off proposal.

10 tips for an effective funding submission

      • Firstly, read carefully. Take note of all the submission guidelines and supporting information to ensure you're eligible and your request aligns with the funding organisation's goals
      • Ask if you're unsure. Check in with the grant provider to make sure you know exactly what information they need to be able to make a decision
      • In your application clearly describe what your project is, and demonstrate the who, how and why of your project's benefits, providing examples where you can
      • Include a detailed cost estimate and a timeframe for your project (Playground Centre is very happy to assist you with this!)
      • If you're asking for part funding from other organisations make sure you disclose that
      • Commit to providing progress and completion reports
      • Seek letters of support from your local Government and business leaders
      • Ask an objective person to read your proposal to check for typos and clarity
      • Make it easy to read. It may seem unimportant, but a cluttered document that uses different font sizes, styles, colours, busy backgrounds and too many illustrations can take away from your message. By all means, include relevant photos, maps or diagrams, but keep the number at a minimum and keep the formatting simple for maximum impact.
      • Finally, read carefully. Follow the submission instructions, make sure you've included all the information asked for and get your application in on time!

It's best not to submit the same blanket proposal to dozens of different organisations and expect an outcome. Applying for funding is just like applying for a job – put your best foot forward and tailor your approach to show you're serious about meeting their criteria.


1. Can I select colours to suit our facility and playground?

A range of bright or environmental, natural colour palettes are available to create your desired look or suit any space / environment.

2. What size space is required?

Different sized combos can be selected based on the space available. Further, the bigger the space, the more items that can be added in the future. Being moveable, the equipment is also flexible to fit into odd shaped areas. Refer to the Technical Specification sheets for dimensions.

3. Is the equipment covered by a warranty?

Playground Centre is committed to supplying quality, safe play equipment. Find out more about our warranty.

4. What is the expected delivery time of the moveable equipment?

Playground Centre realises the anticipation and excitement of getting new play equipment. Therefore, we aim to deliver the equipment within four to eight weeks from receipt of the deposit.

5. What freight costs are involved?

The cost of freight is included for major centres and metropolitan areas in New Zealand and Australia. Rural areas may incur an additional charge. Please advise your location and we can quote this for you.

6. Can the equipment be left outside?

Like anything, all equipment will last longer if protected from external elements when not in use (ie at night and over the holidays).

On a day-to-day basis, if necessary, the Young Explorer and Bambino equipment can be left outside, however it is recommended that timber items are stored away each day. The Mini-Bambino equipment should be stored indoors at the end of each day.

7. Is the equipment compliant to safety standards?

Yes, the Young Explorer and Bambino equipment is fully compliant to Safety Standards NZS5828:2004 and AS4685:2014.

8. Does the play equipment require safety surfacing?

Under the safety standards, any play equipment with a fall height of 600mm or more requires safety surfacing.

Moveable Equipment Warranty

Young Explorers & Bambino Ranges:

      • 10 Year Structural Warranty on steel and rotational moulded product that are found to have undergone structural failure.
      • 5 Year Warranty against colour fading of powdercoating
      • 3 Year Warranty on timber
      • 2 Year Warranty on any moving parts such as connections, pumps.

Mini-Bambino Range:

      • 3 Year Warranty on faulty product or workmanship.


      • Warranties apply from date of invoice and the purchaser shall advise Playground Centre in writing of the defect.
      • The above warranty applies in the event that a part of equipment manufactured by Playground Centre is found to have undergone structural failure due to faulty workmanship or materials;
      • and that defect is not due to:
        • vandalism, negligence, abuse, accidents, lack of maintenance or improper installation;
        • products tampered with, modified or repaired by anyone when not previously approved by Playground Centre;
        • Fair wear and tear;
        • Harsh or corrosive elements where preventative procedures as set out in our Maintenance instructions - pages (1), (2) and (3) have not been adhered to.

Playground Centre will:

      1. Repair or replace the part found in Playground Centre's judgement to have been defective in workmanship or material.