Building hand-eye coordination with climbing nets

Building hand-eye coordination with climbing nets

A playground climbing net is the perfect way to develop children’s hand-eye coordination while they play. A climbing net offers many other physical and mental benefits as well, including building strength and balance, climbing ability, spatial awareness and problem solving skills. By incorporating climbing nets alongside other hand-eye coordination activities such as ball tossing, children can become much more confident and capable in sports, handwriting and other everyday activities.

Physical activity for coordination

Playground Centre has many outstanding playground climbing nets and structures for kids of all ages to conquer. Children naturally love to explore and try anything their friends can do, so a playground cargo net offers an irresistible challenge, time and time again.
Vertically inclined nets and structures such as the 5.3M Pirate Tower build kids’ strength as they learn to lift their own weight. Flatter or horizontal nets and structures such as monkey bars or the Collis 2 Climbing Unit offer excellent balance activities for kids, as they must evenly distribute their weight to keep from falling. Some climbing structures like the Rampage series are so complex as to be entire obstacle courses in themselves, helping kids develop strength, skill and coordination across their whole bodies while having an amazing time!

While these are specialised products, these hand-eye coordination exercises can be done at your local playground climbing net, too.

Incorporating fun in learning

One of the best ways to develop kids’ skills is to incorporate them into play-based learning. If kids are having fun, not only will they enjoy the initial activity, they’ll be motivated to continue doing it on their own. As well as a climbing net, other pieces of playground equipment can aid in building strength and motor skills. Monkey bars, ropes and balancing poles all provide plenty of hand-eye coordination activities for kids and teenagers. Also, by building strength and coordination, more advanced activities like sport will become easier and more accessible, allowing kids to keep having fun while learning and staying healthy.