Back to nature: Using timber to create a natural, greener playground

Back to nature: Using timber to create a natural, greener playground

Extending to more than just playgrounds, a popular design trend in recent years has been a move towards building sustainable communities. Using natural and raw materials, playgrounds are being designed to incorporate the natural surrounding environment.

Making a playground design an extension of the environment around it, as opposed to an intrusion upon it. This creates an amazing feeling of warmth and welcoming where kids and parents can relax and enjoy.

By their nature, children are naturally curious about the great outdoors so it’s not uncommon for them to make up their own imaginative play using the nature and the world around them. It’s no surprise to see a trend of nature-inspired playgrounds popping up in local communities and schools around the country.

The use of natural elements blends beautifully with the outdoors and also offers sensory textures that keep kids engaged and helps to boost their connection to nature. Timber brings strength as a sturdy, durable foundation, making these playgrounds a great option for being long-lasting, safe and low maintenance.

Using Mother Nature as a muse, the Playground Centre’s revolutionary range of spring rockers use gorgeous designs and materials in shapes inspired by flowers. Creating organic contours and curves that you would naturally see in the environment around you.

The benefits of nature-inspired play can’t be ignored. Research shows a strong link between children being outdoors in nature and their overall development and psychological well-being. Nature inspired playgrounds stimulate a child's imagination and creativity more than a traditional playground and help children appreciate nature and learn about their environment.