Are Rope-based Playgrounds Safe?

Are Rope-based Playgrounds Safe?

What is Rope Playground Equipment?

Rope playgrounds are climbing nets and structures designed to simulated kids and promote physical activity, which can be fun and safe. Playground rope climbing nets and other rope playground equipment can have unique and eye-catching features that function well in indoor and outdoor areas.

How can you be safe in a rope playground?

There are a few ways we can prevent any behaviour or conditions that could become unsafe in a rope playground.

1. Before allowing anyone on the rope playground, it is best to teach them some rules. For instance, not to push or shove anyone, and always wait their turn.

2. Another measure that can help keep everyone safe in a playground is checking the equipment is in a safe condition before allowing anyone to use it. The playground should be compliant with global safety standards.

3. For children with disability, some playgrounds can inadvertently create unsafe environments that exclude them from play. Fortunately, there are now many inclusive playgrounds that give children with disabilities the opportunity to participate safely.

Types of Rope Playground Equipment

Rope playground equipment comes in many forms, shapes, and heights. There are net towers, rotating rope towers, and climbing structures, all designed to test and develop co-ordination, balance, fine motor skills, agility and many other integral life skills.

Net Towers

Net towers can be small to large structures. They make a great outdoor play space that allows kids of all ages to strengthen their bodies and minds as they learn how to climb and move around the net structure. Net towers like the Gnome Tree and Black Forrest Tower With Cubby House are a great example of a toddler to pre-schooler and primary to big kid-appropriate rope playgrounds. No matter how old you are, net towers offer a fun challenge for the whole family.

New tower structures for kids playgrounds

Rotating Rope Towers

Rotating rope towers are great for team interaction and inclusive play. Many come with a basket feature that is suitable for kids with disabilities to comfortability sit and enjoy the ride. There are simple rope towers like the Whirlpool Climbing Carousel that kids of all ages can grab or sit on and enjoy the rotating motion, to dynamic rope towers like the 2.9M Rollercoaster that are designed to give older kids a more challenging play.

Climbing Structures

Climbing structures create a joyful play experience with limitless play options. There are many different climbing structures, each with unique themes and features to encourage movement, mental strength and keep kids active whilst having fun. Some climbing structures have spider web climbing nets, maze cables and other climbing structures that offer an exciting cluster of activities. The Playground Centre's Titan Xtreme Hoop Course climbing structure comes in various themes, including Clover, Snake, Vortex, and Windmill, all with eye-catching designs and limitless play options.

Types of Playground Rope

Rope playgrounds are designed with the best rope in mind for each function required. Polyester and manila rope are two main types of playground ropes that ensure the whole family's safety.

Polyester Twisted Rope

Engineered for general marine, industrial, commercial, and widespread use, our polyester twisted rope is high strength and abrasion resistance material. Polyester twisted rope can resist mildew, rot and most chemicals and is UV stabilised, making it an ideal option for rope playground equipment.

Manila Rope

Manila rope is made from manila hemp, a type of natural fibre obtained from the leaves of the abac√°. It has greater flexibility than many types of synthetic ropes, not tending to snap haphazardly. It is also very durable and resistant to saltwater damage.

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