Whole Family / Young At Heart

Whole Family / Young At Heart - Playground Centre

Playgrounds are for everyone – no matter what your ability, for the young and for the young at heart.  They provide every person with the opportunity to be healthy and have fun.

Today, it’s important that parks and play areas are designed with everyone in mind and are widely accessible and inclusive to all – including the disabled, both genders and people from minority groups.

Many pieces of equipment now entice children, parents and grandparents to be part of the activity at the park and enjoy ‘play dates’ for fun, health and fitness.  It’s part of the evolution of parks and playgrounds.  Physical activity can be made fun, easy and accessible with the right design and equipment.

Essential playground checklist

  • Enables people of all ages and abilities to be active participants in interactive, challenging and inclusive play
  • Allows people with and without a disability to enjoy fun and challenging play together, side-by-side
  • Features several different play zones, catering for the needs and wants of all users
  • Offers physical access in the form of ramps, structures and pathways
  • Includes fitness equipment for adults
  • Provides signage demonstrating the different uses of the equipment for different ages and skill levels.

Research Suggests

Everyone benefits from physical activity no matter what your age, skill level or abilities.  It helps prevents obesity and diabetes, offers an outlet for physical energy, provides socialisation, and increases one’s ability to cope with stress and anxiety.

With careful planning and design, the whole family and community gets the chance to have fun like everyone else.