Teenagers To Young Adults

Teenagers To Young Adults - Playground Centre

As children reach their teens, play evolves into a different form although these young people also need elements of direction, structure, and challenge.

Outdoor play for teenagers and young adults is more relevant today than it’s ever been with our prevalent technology-based, indoor lifestyles. However, being notoriously difficult to please, this often isn’t easy but can be achieved through teen-focused playgrounds offering areas for sport, socialising and a spot of privacy. Like other children, playgrounds and outdoor spaces can significantly to quality of life for teenagers, helping to improve mental and physical health.

Essential playground checklist

  • Satisfies thirst for adventure and physical / extreme challenge
  • Offers multi-play  and interactivity
  • Is a place to chill out
  • Is attractive to the technological-savvy generation
  • Is a safe environment
  • Encourages fitness and agility

Research Suggests

Teen obesity carries the same lethal risks as heavy smoking.