Primary To Big Kids

Primary To Big Kids - Playground Centre

As our children grow, they become more interested in longer periods of active play where they can learn new skills and master others.  For all children, it’s all about providing challenging and stimulating play and learning opportunities in a safe and fun environment.

For this age group, it’s particularly important that it’s non-competitive play where children can take appropriate risks, enjoy physical and mental challenges, and succeed.  Playgrounds are also the prime place for group interaction and social development, where cultural and social barriers are minimised and co-operation is required.

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Essential playground checklist

  • Caters for children’s individual interests, skills and ability
  • Offers vigorous activity to develop coordination and strength
  • Enhances their ability to engage in group play and with children of the opposite gender
  • Provides composite structures where one can choose to use pieces going up and down, left and right, over or under, circular or straight, and slanted or flat in orientation.
  • Includes climbing pieces, overhead ladders, chinning bars, balance beams, equipment with distances, items to travel on and to create direction
  • Allows known activities to be repeated and the practicing of new ones
  • Fosters imagination and encourages creativity
  • Assists in the development of space, force, time and flow, and understanding of reason as well as cause and effect
  • Offers short and varied activities
  • Promotes problem solving and mastery

Research Suggests

The sense of accomplishment when children conquer their fears and master playground structures leads to self-confidence and an increase in self-esteem.